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Our Rate Sheet

Owner's Title Insurance Policy
TBD (based on purchase price)
Lender's Title Insurance Policy
TBD (based on purchase price)
Leasehold Policies
TBD (based on purchase price)
Uninsured Title Report

*Price is subject to change depending on property type, location, involvement, etc.
Coop Lien Search
Bankruptcy Search (per name)
OFAC (Patriot) Search (per name)
Municipal Searches
Covenant and Restrictions Search
Last Deed of Record
Open Mortgage Search
UCC Search (per name or property)
Copies of Recorded Documents
Tax Search
Foreclosure Search(available for properties in NYS)
Zoning Lot Certifications Preparation
Lien and Judgement Search
Name/Business Search (per name)

*Uninsured Title Report stating price is subject to change depending on property type & location.
The fees outlined for the above-referenced products are base fees for residentialproperties and are subject to change depending upon the details of your request. Please contact a Paramount Vista representative for more info and a team member will be glad to assist.
Recording Fees (uninsured transactions only)
Document Type
Fee (Includes Paramount Vista service fees)
New York State: Deed/Lease/Easement for Residential 1-3 Family Property
$290 + $5 per page (NYC)
$300 + $5 per page (upstate counties)
$500 + $5 per page (Suffolk)**
$950 + $5 per page (Nassau)***
New York State:
Deed/Lease/Easement for Commercial, 4+ family, or Mixed Use Property
$400 + $5 per page (NYC)
$425 + $5 per page (upstate counties)
$625 + $5 per page (Suffolk)**
$1,080 + $5 per page (Nassau)***
New York State:
All other documents (Mortgage, CEMA, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Power ofAttorney, etc.)
$140 + $5 per page (NYC & upstate counties)
$340 + $5 per page (Suffolk)**
$790 + $5 per page (Nassau)***
$375 (Nassau)***
$75 (Any other County within NY State or NY State filing)
Filing Transfer Tax Forms for Coops
The above charges DO NOT include the NYCDOF $100 filing fee or any applicable transfer taxes.
Court Filings
$75 + County Clerk's Fee

Suffolk: Add $200 for each additional lot and add $200 for each mortgage related document.
*** Nassau: Add $300 for each additional block and $355 for each additional Tax Map Verification Letter.
Prepayment is required for all documents received for recording in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
Legal Forms
Preparation Charges
Transfer E-Tax Forms
$150 (includes cover pages for coop transfers only)*
Power of Attorney

*Cover pages are only provided if the client has an ACRIS account that was used to prepare the forms.

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